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  • So after multiple hours of poking around I’ve determined there are 2 ways to upload files – 1. by browser or 2. by flash.

    Am I correct in seeing you can only upload ONE file at a time via the browser?? If this is so……… why?

    And I’ve only messed around with the flash uploader now for about 80 minutes, and it very inconveniently seems to only let me do 5 at a time. You can do more than 5 sometimes, but if you select too many or something, it very irritatingly throws you back and undoes all the work you just did.

    I have too many files to upload one at a time. How can I do it.

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  • Chris Olbekson


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    The browser uploader uses the regular php $_FILE upload process that only allows 1 at a time. The other uploader uses the Pupload.js uploader and depending on your browser it will use html5, or Flash. If you use the latest version of Chrome you can upload as many files as you want at one time.

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