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  • I am not sure how to find out what version of WP is being used. The site has one main domain and two subdomains. I am supposed to delete the duplicate content, for the site owner, and I have accessed the mySQL tables but I do not know what to search for in order to update the links. They are not in the sidebar, according to the source code they are in a div called “list_footer_c”

    However, I cannot find how to update those links. I know we are not support to ofer money for help, but I would be happy to tip anyone who can help resolve this ASAP…


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  • Sure you can offer money, if you do it here:

    See also section F, “paying for services”, in the forum rules.

    You might get free help here, though, if you’re a little clearer about the problem. Are you talking about links in posts, links in the template files, links in the blogroll?

    The “list_footer_c” is useless, since each template author makes up their own id and class names.

    Maybe a link to the site would help, and say which links you are trying to change.

    Sure, the link is in my profile (I didn’t post it directly because it shouldn’t be indexed by a search engine).

    The links I need to delete (or edit, rather) are in the footer section of the articles subdomain, so it would be articles dot capital typing dot com, middle dive at the bottom…

    code <div class=”list_footer_c”>
    <h3><span class=”light”>Current</span> Articles </h3>


    My guess is that those links are in the theme’s footer.php. It probably looks something like

    <div class="list_footer_c">
    <?php wp_list_pages(); ?>

    If you can’t find it, paste a copy of footer.php into

    As a side note, links in the this forum all get ‘nofollow’ put on them, so no worries there. You could also use robots.txt to keep the search engines from indexing that subdomain.

    I have been searching for footer.php but did not look yet in the themes folder. I will try that and post here again in a minute…Thanks for the suggestion

    here is what I found in the footer.php file:

    <div class="list_footer_c">
    <h3><span class="light">Services</span> Offered </h3>
    <?php wp_list_pages('title_li=&exclude=10,11,12,2,13&sort_column=post_date'); ?>

    If there was more than one directory in the wp-content/themes folder, then make sure you’re looking at the theme that was currently in use. Once you’ve got that, just play around by commenting out sections of the theme until you’ve found what you need.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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