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    I’ve tried using the following conditional statement to add a banner to all children of certain pages:

    elseif ( is_tree(array('6', '10', '11', '21', '22', '44', '203', '382', '508'))) {
        	// the page is "meditation", or the page is in the "guides" section and so if a child of that page
        	echo '<img src="/images/breadcrumb-guides.png" />';

    That adds the banner to the children of the specified pages, but not to the children’s children. How would I get the styling to apply all the way down the hierarchy? don’t think I have any nesting deeper than the grandchild level.

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  • OK, easiest way to do this, it seems, is to use page templates to call different images for different sections of the site. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that earlier.

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