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  • Finally Anime is my website and long story short I got hit by a car, hospitalized for about a year & decided to start over because I was getting spammed like CRAZY. I installed a fresh new WP Installation, but there’s a problem..well a couple problems:

    1) when I search for in google, my old page links are STILL up?!? How do I get the indexing of google or my site to take them down/index what I have now to overwrite the old stuff? Because spambots are obviously visiting my old links and being redirected to my site.

    2) I need this to stop because I don’t want my server load to go crazy & godaddy force me to have to move to another server though they’re real good about that stuff. I don’t need inaccurate statistics because spammers are harassing me.

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  • Hope you’re feeling better from your accident.

    The links showing up in Google isn’t something that you can control from WordPress because that info belongs to Google. the best thing to do would be to claim your site under Google’s Webmaster Tools and request them to remove the index of your site. Or just wait and they’ll eventually figure it out.

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