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    I did something by accident to set my theme back to a previous version/setting. With the backup information, I corrected my SQL database (restored from my backup file from my WP backup plugin) but my blog pages are all messed up–colors back to what I had them at 2 weeks ago, etc. My backup is from yesterday evening at 8 p.m. That won’t correct everything but will save me about 3 days worth of work if I can get my design settings back. I have Prose/Genesis.

    My plugin worked fine. It gave me two folders, one SQL and the other with no file designation. That is the one I have trying to use to replace my “old/new” WP info.

    I have tried uploading and replacing various WP and Theme folders via Filezilla–but nothing changes (although all the files are transferred successfully–over 1,000 of them). I need some serious help before I jump out the window.

    Thanks so much for any help you can give…


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  • Some settings for the theme (colours etc) may be saved in the database if you have edited them via a theme options page? If so, you could open up the database in a text editor and search for the HEX codes of the colours you want to change, and change them manually.

    Remember to keep a database backup though.

    If the colours were not set via a theme options page I’m not sure why they wouldn’t reset to default after re-installing the files via FTP.

    Thanks so much, PinkishHue (“I like a nice cheek….Is there a rosy glow?” LOL),

    That is a good idea, but I have wasted so much time on this so far, that I am just re-doing it from scratch. (I am afraid I would end up deleting my stupid database again.) Thanks for the polite and reasonable and pertinent response (they are so rare)!


    You’re welcome Paula (and 10,000 bonus points and a high five for the Seinfeld quote 😀 )

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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