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  • Hi there. I can’t seem to find the correct selector to remove a style from the .entry-content on the home page only. I like the semi-opaque white box for all the other page, just not for the home page. I get stuck like this a lot. Any tutorials you can point out would be helpful. I can isolate the simple stuff but this bit is tough for me.

    Many thanks!

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  • Hey Kathy!

    When you are trying to select something on your home page only, be sure to use “.home” in front of the other selectors. For instance: If I wanted to change the background of your navigation just on your homepage from the green to a grey color, I would add this code:

    .home .main-navigation {
      background-color: #aeaeae;

    Hope this helps!

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    Thank you, Website Ninja!

    Was it really just that easy? I think I’m making things far too complicated.

    Have a great night!!




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    @designsbytrey:Thank you contributing to the forums but please do not encourage people to edit theme files directly. At best, they will lose all of their changes when they update the theme. At worst, they could bring their site down. They should be recommended to create a child theme or use a custom CSS plugin for their changes.

    I do apologize. I will make sure that I ALWAYS mention using a child theme/ plugin in the future on every post. I was not telling the member to edit the theme files directly.

    Just giving the selector that the member originally asked for.

    The Website Ninja

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