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  • I love this plugin; thanks for creating it! My only significant complaint is that whenever the commenter name is “You” (as it always is for a logged-in admin), the text “Says” doesn’t change to “You Say”.

    I’ve fixed this for myself by changing this code to:

    if(purl && pnme) {
    		var name = '<a href="' + purl + '">' + pnme + '</a>';
    		var verb = "Says";
    	} else if(!purl && pnme) {
    		var name = pnme;
    		var verb = "Says";
    	} else if(purl && !pnme) {
    		var name = '<a href="' + purl + '">You</a>';
    		var verb = "Say";
    	} else {
    		var name = "You";
    		var verb = "Say";

    …Added this line to the preview section:

    $previewFormat = str_replace("%4", "' + verb + '", $previewFormat);

    And changed $previewFormat to:

    $previewFormat = '
    		<ol class="commentlist" style="clear: both; margin-top: 3em;">
    			<li id="comment-preview" class="alt" style="overflow: hidden;">
    				<img src="%3" alt="" class="gravatar" style="float: left; margin-right: 10px;"/>
    				<cite>%1</cite> %4:
    				<br />

    This is an almost certainly inelegant solution; I don’t really code. So I’d love to see this built in to an update of the core plugin. Thanks!

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