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    I am using the Admired theme. the header image and site name and tag line are both left aligned. I wanted to leave the site title and tag line alone but I want the image in the header to right align. This way you can read the site title and tag line.

    Any help appreciated.

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  • I added the code below to my style sheet but this made the picture seem too big for the set header image space. I need to correct this in addition to move the image right.

    The following CSS seems to work…

    #site-title {

    #site-description {

    #header-group hgroup {
    width: auto;

    Then make the font for site title and site description a bit smaller…

    I didn’t want to move the text to the right.

    I want to move the image to the right.

    Now I need help reversing what you gave me.

    To summarize, I need to move the text back to left alignment.
    I need to move the header image to the right and correct the size of the image so it isn’t cropped by the size of the header space.


    Remove what you changed – it should be in custom CSS or your child theme. To change the image – change the background alignment by adding this:

    #header-logo {
        background: url("") no-repeat scroll right 0 transparent;

    The “right” is changed from the existing CSS.

    I have corrected the title and tag line. It is now on the left. However it is two lines instead of one.

    Thanks you so very much for helping with the image. It is now right aligned. Can you take a look at the site again and help me correct the site title and tag line. The colors are correct. I want the font size to be slightly smaller on both. In addition, I want the tag line to be one line and if this causes the font to need to be smaller that is okay.

    Whatever Seacoast Web Design had me add to my style sheet changed it to the way it appears now which is completely not right.

    Thanks in advance you and esmi are the best. 🙂

    I forgot to mention, my image was showing entirely until I made the intial changes by Seacoast Web Design. Now it is cropped off at the bottom like the space isn’t wide enough. If you could help with this I would greatly apprecaite it.

    Whatever Seacoast Web Design had me add to my style sheet changed it to the way it appears now which is completely not right

    I did so as forcing the image right (in a div of the size set) and the text left will likely prove more burdensome…review your site on a smaller screen now…

    When I made the changes you submitted it left the image on the left and put the text on the right. I copy and pasted exactly what you typed. I’m sorry for the misunderstanding.

    eknight – I’m a bit confused as to where you are making changes – it looks like you have custom CSS and a Child Theme. Also, do you have caching active?

    I just want WPyogi to know what I have done so as to offer assistance.

    I make any additions to css in the edit css option under the child theme. This ensures I don’t change any original code and mess anything else up since I am new at this.

    I don’t know what you mean by caching active? Remember I am new.

    This is what I need.
    1)header space bigger so the image isn’t cropped.
    2)Site tag line font changed so as to make it one line.
    3)Site title font decreased slightly so it doesn’t run into the image.

    This issue is resolved.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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