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  • Hello.

    I’ve searched these forums countless times, and still cannot find a discussion relating to this specific problem I am facing.

    I’m using contact-form-7 to build the contact form I need for my association’s website.

    This contact form needs to contain numerous fields or selections of checkboxes. These checkboxes need to be limited to allow the visitor to select only 5. That is OK. I’ve been able to cross that bridge and enable for that.

    However, I need to enable that the text of the checkboxes (each one…and the text, or value of the checkboxes are book titles)…are hyperlinked so that the visitor can click on those titles (without having to check the checkbox yet)…to view the individual pages with image and information about each individual book.

    Then, from the page of the individual book, the visitor needs to click the hyperlink from there (I’ve already established that on those pages…don’t need help with that part of this)…back to the original contact form page.

    After the visitor views the book pages via the hyperlinks I (want to) provide in the list of the book titles (checkboxes)…then they can go about their business and check their selected books (limit of 5, as I’ve specified).

    So…I need help in establishing a hyperlink for these book titles, which are essentially the ‘value’ of the checkboxes.

    I’ve tried already manually inserting html code into the form code itself…but didn’t work. It only proved to really mess up the result on the view page…canceled out the specific title I coded it for…and the rest of the checkboxes didn’t appear as they should…but rather the essential text insert into the form page appeared. A real mess.

    Please…anyone…any help will be greatly appreciated.


    Balqees Mohammed

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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