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Need to link whole portfolio image/thumbnail in portfolio page (2 posts)

  1. humuhumufish
    Posted 2 years ago #

    my site: http://kimberly2.mod101.com/projects/ uses the BigBangWP theme.

    the portfolio images/thumbnails in the portfolio page need to be linked to the associated single portfolio pages. As of now they are linked by a small layer in the bottom right corner. I need the whole image linked.

    the code is found in bra_shortcodes.php

    $html .= '<img src="' . $featured_image . '" alt="" />';
    if ($shape != "") $html .= '</div>';
    else $html .= '<div class="col' . $columns . ' item-info"><h3 class="title"></h3></div>';
    if ($shape != "") $html .= '<div class="item-info-overlay"><div><h3 class="title"></h3><h4 class="no_title"></h4>';
    else $html .= '<div class="item-info-overlay"><div><h4 class="no_title"></h4>';
    $html .= '<p>' . $excerpt . '</p>';
    $html .= 'details';
    if ($video_link != "") $large_image = $video_link;
    $slug_list_ = "pretty_photo_gallery";
    $html .= '';
    $html .= '</div></div><!--END ITEM-INFO-OVERLAY-->';

    I've tried linking the image (<img src="' . $featured_image . '" alt="" />) but it doesn't work.

    Thanks for any help/suggestions given.

  2. hipvictor
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Hi—how did you solve this?

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