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  • I have made a transparent png image and I want my wordpress post text to LAY ON TOP OF IT OR UNDER IT. I have been at this forever now. Basically I made an “EXPIRED” transparent image to let the reader know its an expired post but I DO NOT want to just take the post down, I want it to still be accessible but with the knowledge that its expired. I hope this makes sense? I am just having so much trouble doing this. I tried using the image as a post background image but its not behaving the way I would like, it leaves a black border and doesnt position properly. I was hoping to position the transparent image placed over the center of the text in the post, right in the middle. ANY help with this would be much appreciated, hate wasting hours on something that’s probably so simple so thought it best to just ask someone at this point. Thanks in advance. And if for some reason my blog needs to be referenced to answer this:

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  • Michael


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    if you have the coding ready to show an image in those expired posts, please post a link to a post/page where the ‘expired’ image is showing;

    getting it over the content is possibly just a question of css positioning;

    Just put together a code, (check here its working)
    Hope this helps

    <div style=”position:relative; left:20px; top:-54px; color:#900202; font-size:20px; font-weight:bold;width:140px;”/>The art is Sold</div>

    thanks for replying guys! And thanks Robin, I used your suggestion and managed to make it work, but just a question, what might the proper html code be to use an image instead of just text? Thanks in advance!

    Where i have added the text add <img src=”” alt=””>
    and it will work

    sorry, this is probably such a stupid question, but what goes here: alt””? I know what to put between the ” ” for the img src but not the alt.

    ah sorry was just a good code practice thing :p
    you can ignore it

    but as such it is good to add an alternate text for google/seo/ search stuff + browser which doesnt load photos
    so say if your image was about expired you could just add alt=”expired”

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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