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  • All my ads are directly below each photo image within my Archives. I think I need to place a div code to seperate the two instead of having them directly touching eachother. However, where exactly do I place the code? What php or css file do I do this at?

    Same thing on the sidebar after selecting a post. The ad is touching the calendar. What php or css file do I do this at?

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  • You will have to provide links to examples of what you have explained. It would also be helpful if you mention what Theme you are using and any plugins you might be using for the ad and photo image display.

    jonradio…sorry, theme is Creativix. Link is

    I am using QuickAdsense plug in and placed the widget to the sidebar but automatically places the ad directly below the calendar without any spacing. The ads also have appeared under the Archive photos witout spacing.

    Things are nicely spaced out on your Home Page for me using the latest version of FireFox. Did you fix the problem? Or do you see something different on your browser?

    jonradio…the home page is actually fine. However, for example, if you go to Arts & Crafts>That Was Fun, you can see the calendar and advert are stuck to eachother rather than seperated on the sidebar. It is like this on all pages except for the home page. Would you be able to tell me what css or php file and where in the file I can possibly insert code to seperate the two? Thanks in advance!

    While I obviously cannot see how you’ve laid out your pages inside WordPress, I can offer some suggestions based on similar situations I’ve been in.

    You’ll need to use White Space tricks like these:

    • <hr />
    • <br /> surrounded by non-breaking space which is an ampersand (“&”) followed by nbsp;

    In the right sidebar, immediately above the widget for the ad, add a
    Text Widget using one of those tricks.

    Likewise your archive page, whether it is in a Page or a Template.

    If this ends up meaning changes to Templates, be sure to create a Child Theme so that Theme updates don’t wipe out your changes, and use the following to help you identify the appropriate template file:

    Child Themes are explained here:
    I also found this plugin helpful:

    Hi, havingfun.

    You mean like this?



    Which css or php template do I place your suggested code?

    Hi, Havingfun…


    add this style in your style.css
    this file can be found in wp-content/themes/<theme-name> or wp-content/themes/<theme-name>-child




    That’s perfect! Thank you so much for the assistance. Could I ask you more more thing? If you can visit and go to Arts & Crafts>That Was Fun, you can see the photo images and the adverts also require padding to seperate them within the archive. Could there be a similar code to this and would I place it within the style.css file again?

    Thanks in advance!

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