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  • Hi

    I used “visual link preview” very well on my blog, First Thanks

    I have other sites, this site is WordPress+BBPresss
    => Forum type community web site

    I want to use “visual link preview” in BBPress.

    possible the feature be improved?


    Best Regards,

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    Then, with VLP plugin enabled, the user just has to post a url on its own line.
    Unlike in the backend, it doesn’t automatically show the preview.
    But the newly created topic or reply shows the preview.

    I hope this function will be implemented.


    Plugin Author Brecht


    It’s still on my todo list to look into but unfortunately my time (especially for completely free plugins) is limited.

    One issue is that the automatic retrieval of the URL’s data uses an API which has a monthly limit. If you open this up on a forum you can’t really control when you’ll hit that limit. Not sure what should happen if that limit is reached? Just a plain link?

    Back to Front


    Totally fair, its a really nice free plugin that I’ve seen others like rtMedia (that also don’t support bbpress) charge a lot for.

    I’d consider to chuck in or tip for your time spent on this, its for a project with a small budget, and would be a really nice feature.

    I’ll DM you at your website.

    As for the API limit, which service is it using, and what’s the limit? As for my small project, I doubt that it would hit any limits. But for other’s purposes, falling back to just the plain text link seems a good solution.



    @traverser11 your solution is brilliant. I’ve been going back and forth with the link preview in bbPress thing. I had already set bbPress to use the visual editor (based on the same link you provided). I installed Visual Link Preview a few minutes ago, but after reading the docs, I didn’t think it would work.

    Lo and behold, it actually does! Nicely done. Works beautifully.


Viewing 4 replies - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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