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  1. anakalia
    Posted 8 years ago #

    I'm using Jared Bangs' Recent Comments widget, and it works but not as I would like. It seems to limit itself in the number of posts it shows that comments are attached to, and the number of comments per post varies without regard to how many comments there actually are.

    For instance, right now there are comments attached to 8 posts on the front page, but only 3 post topics show up in Recent Comments (renamed to "He said She said). Within one of those topics there are 10 comments, but only the most recent 2 show up in the sidebar.

    I would like to at least get it to work so that, for instance, some comments attached to all 8 of the relevant posts would show up. How can that be done? See http://streettalkblog.com

    Have I made myself as clear as mud? lol

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