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  • fvmarket


    This might be a stupid question but I need cant seem to find a solution to my problem anywhere.

    I need to connect WordPress to and support at Ionos told me I need to add the DNS of to the DNS records.

    Where can I find the DNS or is there anything else I can do?

    Ionos offers a easy connect to but is way too expensive for me.

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  • Moderator Steven Stern (sterndata)


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    What do you mean by “connect WordPress to”? What are you trying to accomplish?

    Perhaps something is “missing in translation” here. My guess is there’s some confusion stemming from the fact that most people refer to a self-hosted WordPress site as “ site”.

    So perhaps @fvmarket has a domain with (but no hosting), and is looking to build a WordPress site… but doesn’t want to use Ionos’ integrated service. So support is asking for the DNS of the “” site (ie external hosting provider) to point the domain to.

    If my theory holds, then, @fvmarket: what you need is a hosting account to host your WordPress site yourself (aka site) — as doesn’t offer any hosting. You can purchase this hosting service from, or from any other hosting prover.

    If you get your hosting from, you’ll be using their DNS name servers. If you get your hosting from a 3rd-party, you’ll be using that 3rd-party’s DNS name servers. Either way, you don’t need any such DNS info from

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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