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    Thanks for checking out the plugin and asking questions!

    Yes, this is normal and doesn’t have anything to do with WP – it’s required by the Google API. You have to tell Google that you’re willing to allow external apps to use it’s API to talk to your docs.

    To answer your other question – the features in the Pro version will probably not find their way into the free version. We spent significant dev cost on both and it does not seem viable at the moment to spend any more time on it right now.

    All the best!

    I strongly disagree with the Plugin Author flagging this (and I assume other posts) as resolved – this should be left to the original poster to decide.

    Happily I found the option to change this back to unresolved – I had not seen this option before.

    Plugin Author Never Settle


    Why would you assume the worst about people? That seems cynical.

    Resolved in our minds means answered with a reality-based response. Your question was “is this normal?” and the answer is “yes.” How is that question unresolved?

    What would resolve this issue for you? This conversation is a dead-end and resolved. Unless you have a new request that we haven’t already answered?

    I did say that I assumed you flagged as resolved most, if not all, of the other posts that have been posted so far in this forum. The previous 100% resolve rate and the fact that you flagged my post as resolved as soon as you answered my question, lead to me to that conclusion.

    If that is not correct and you do in general leave the decision on whether a post is resolved to the O.P., I am very happy to be corrected on that point.

    In my case your response did not answer my question from my point of view. I would ideally liked to have followed your response with a further question based on your response.

    Plugin Author Never Settle


    I apologize if you felt the resolved status was premature. We’ve never had anyone disagree with us marking a question resolved once we addressed the question before, and have a nearly 100% resolved rate on all our plugins because we invest an enormous amount of time into making sure we provide everything we possibly can to help people be successful with our free plugins.

    How did the original response not answer your question, and what else would you like to ask? If we’re able to answer, then we’d be happy to.

    I do hope you might reconsider whether marking posts as resolved is a suitable approach. I know it’s only a very small sample but so far 1 in 6 of the questions asked was resolved inappropriately IMHO. Leaving the decision to the OP will likely give a more credible indication of your resolved rate.

    My further question is why you choose not to use the Google API to allow users to give permission for the plugin to access their Google Account. This seems to me a basic security requirement.

    A further comment would be that you should as a minimum make clear in your documentation that users need to enable access for less secure apps in Google Account settings for the plugin to send CF7 submissions to Google spreadsheet.

    Plugin Author Never Settle


    Really appreciate your suggestions and have taken them to heart. Unfortunately in our experience most users are not nearly as conscientious as you are. Our general approach / hope is that users will mark their items resolved. Some do, and we’re grateful for that. Most leave them open indefinitely though – even after we’ve provided answers, solutions, and even code patches. For the simple, easy answers where there’s no additional action possible it has so far always made sense to proactively keep things tidy so that we don’t let something that is truly unresolved (like a bug) fall through the cracks, but we’ll consider that approach more carefully moving forward.

    To answer your additional questions: some of the original code for this plugin was written in 2011 before the current version of the Google API. It is in fact using the Google API – just an old version. If I recall correctly, that was before Google even supported access to Sheets data via OAuth. It was also long before the security setting you made note of even existed. As part of our 12 Products in 12 Weeks experiment we decided to dust that code off, wrap it in a plugin, and see if there was enough interest to justify further dev on it as an official project. It was released as a Lean MVP (minimum viable product) to test demand. As alluded to in the first reply, so far the discrepancy between interest and original dev time has kept us from rewriting it for things like Google’s latest API.

    After you opened this ticket we saw another similar question come in via and promptly updated the FAQ to include the details about that setting (


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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