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  • I added the plugin to my website because I love the hover ability. I have two questions… I apologize in advance if they’re just user-error.

    1) I have the Image Selector set to “img” because when I set it to “div.jpibfi_container img” nothing showed the highlight or the Pinterest pin. I know that creates the issue that EVERYTHING shows the pin. I only want it showing up on post images on the main blog page (my homepage) and the interior individual posts. I would like to disable it elsewhere (sidebar, header, footer).

    2) I created a custom pin, but it doesn’t seem to show up. The image highlights when it is hovered over, but the actual button doesn’t show. I input the url & height/width. It was uploaded in the folder

    What am I doing wrong in this case? **ALSO – is there a way to have it show up on the bottom right corner of the image, instead of the top left?

    Thanks so much!

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  • Plugin Author mrsztuczkens



    #1: Try using as the selector. It should work fine. There’s a small bug in the plugin with the selector (it can be noticed only on a very few themes). I’ll fix it in the next version of the plugin.

    #2: I believe you’ve put instead of as the custom image url. Make sure there’s the http:// part at the beginning of the url.

    #3: About putting the button on the bottom right corner of the image: the plugin doesn’t have that option right now, but I’ll consider adding it in one of the next versions of the plugin. I believe it’ll be pretty useful. For now you can make your own workaround using CSS.

    Please let me know if you’ve been able to resolve issues #1 and #2 😉


    Thanks so much for the response. I’ve updated the selector to “” and it went back to none of the images having the pin – including the imagery in the posts. The only image the has anything happen s the “featured image” > it doesn’t have the pin, but it does highlight when hovered over. The image that is simply in the content of the post (second one down) on the homepage doesn’t do anything.

    I updated the url to point to my custom button as you mentioned, but it still isn’t showing up…

    Maybe I’m doing something wrong?:)
    Thanks so much!

    Plugin Author mrsztuczkens


    Hi again, the selector should be img, sorry for my silly mistake. Hope it’ll help.

    Unfortunately, this selector will also “catch” images to share on Facebook, etc. I will check if there’s a good way to fix this issue tomorrow.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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