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  • Hello,

    Iam using wordpress.. iam thinking to use default theme (twentyeleven)… So with the help of this default theme, I am thinking to achive theme apppearance (I mean CSS) like this:

    Do you think does my idea right or wrong..? (i use firebug and copy all its css into this default theme css file and will do custom changes wherever required.. )

    If iam wrong, please suggest me any other good idea..? (iam really not asking you to provide me code of that site css)

    NOTE: Your suggestions or Tips helps me a lot!

    waiting for replies..

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  • Michael


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    possible, but hard work – I would keep searching for a theme that is closer to your design.

    We have done many such jobs, but I also agree with alchymyth, there are several wonderful themes that are responsive, and have all the bells and whistles, premium and free, Twenty Eleven will take you a bit of work, however some of us enjoy the challenge, so if you are up to it. If not, I would check out if you are okay with spending 40-50 bucks, or the themes database has some great ones also. If I were going to do this with Twenty Eleven though, I would setup custom post types for a catalog look. A plugin I use a lot when i don’t feel like coding CPT’s by hand is called Types. They also sell one that goes with it called Views. They have great documentation, and will help you along your journey.

    Types Plugin Site:

    Good Luck!



    Why bother doing all that work, when you can get a ready-made theme that will do the job?

    Try checking out the Hybrid Theme and its child themes.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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