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  • I need to know how to download my Post, Pages, Images, and Plug-in (my redirects). I have messed up this website and need to delete the wordpress site. Then re-install another. Then up-load my Post, Pages, Images and my Plug-ins.

    Now since I have messed up again. Please explain to me like a mentally challenged 6-year old. I have to much work in this site to lose it again. The first two time there wasn’t much to it. But now I would hate to lose it.

    Thank you
    Keep Smiling

    Here is my email address and website. (delete these if you don’t need them)
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  • your website is still un-available.
    But i cant understand u. u want to install again wordpress?
    in the same host?
    You have FTP access to our account?
    wich hosting are u using?

    Let me try to explain. I am 56 and just started this a little over a year ago (knew nothing – still know very little). And sometimes I just can’t leave things alone. I have been looking around in my website. And I have messed thing up. I am getting 404s (feed related) and others that I don’t understand. Then the comments telling me how long it took to load.

    I went from over 200 people a day down to less than a hundred. I know that I did it, I shouldn’t mess with things without proper supervision. But, sometimes I sill can’t help myself. So yes, I want to save my input on the site. Then delete and reinstall. ( I am going to get another domain with the same host so I can play and not mess up the work I have done)

    I have FTP access to my site
    My host is fatcow (a green host for a going-green site)

    So can you help me?
    Keep Smiling

    Log in on your acutal website when u have wordpress installed
    At the top left admin bar click tools, now click export and save our files.
    Now Go to your hosting account and save our mysql database file.
    After do that
    Create a folder on your computerexemple my bacuLog in on our ftp folder with filezilla (ftp program) drag all files
    after that set on your hosting our PRIMARY DOMAIN NAME.
    and select the new one.
    Delete all our actual file on hosting after the backup was ready.
    Install new version in the root folder of wordpress
    Go to top left admin bar click tools, now click import and wait..
    if everythink got smooth our new webiste will be fine.

    sorry for my little english language, hope u have understand:)

    I have one more question “which folder is the root folder?”
    Thank you for your time sweetness, and when I get to where I am going (it’s a long walk), I will try and fix my mistake. I will let you know how it goes. Thanks again

    Keep Smiling

    root folder of any partition is the “highest” folder in the hierarchy. The root folder contains all other folders and can also contain files.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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