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  • Do you want/need to backup your files?

    How did you install WordPress? If you installed it via your hosting account with a setup script, they usually offer a quick “uninstall” method. Otherwise, you can log in via FTP and delete all the files.

    I don’t need any backup. I just want to delete the blog and there after use the domain to my tumblr blog. I’m very newbie 😉

    How I installed it? Well,I installed WordPress and afterwards I bought a domain and linked it to my blog.

    “Un-installing” WordPress if you’re not worried about saving any of the data you might have entered (warning: you will lose everything, so backup if you’re not sure), is a simple 2-step matter:

    1) Delete all WordPress files. If you installed into your root directory, delete all the files and directories installed by WordPress (wp-config.php, /wp-content/, /wp-admin/ etc). Be careful to not delete any other files you might have had there before WordPress. If WordPress is in a subdirectory, simply delete the subdirectory and all its contents.

    2) Go into PHPMyadmin or whatever else you have on your server to edit MYSQL databases. Select the database used by your WordPress install and drop all the WordPress tables. Again, if this was a fresh database only used by WordPress, you can drop all tables. If the database had existing tables before, make sure you don’t lose them.

    You can ask your web hosting company to assist you if needed.

    Thank you for your support. I think I might have done it right now 🙂

    I am not sure about how to delete mine either…I am not sure where it has been downloaded….how can I can rid of this thing….ughhhh…I feel so dumb….sorry….any help would be greatly appreciated! :o)

    Nevermind. Got it done. 🙂


    deleting a blog seems to be the most frustrating thing… it feels like wordpress believe no one would ever want to do it! (And as for adding a new topic here – how’s that done?)

    Now… I have read all of the above and it may as well be in Swahili.


    Is it possible to do without using words like ‘root directory’ and ‘PHPAdmin’?

    I use computers every day along with many, many different programs… but this has got me beaten.

    Can someone who speaks plain (non programmer) English please help?



    I agree…I just want to delete my self-hosted blog and I can’t delete it for the life of me. I’m new and the gal who created the blog has been gone for almost a year. No one knows anything about the blog but everyone wants it down.



    Great, forgot to click the “notify me” button here too.

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    If you are hosting your site on a hosting provider, you will have FTP info.

    Once you have that info, you connect to your server, find the wp-admin, wp-content, wp-includes folder and delete them. Then do the same with the files in the root.

    You can also connect to your hosting provider CPanel and delete the dabatase. If you don’t know how, ask your hosting provider to help.

    @johm000 — to add a new forum topic, go to the category you want and click the button Add New

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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