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    I don’t know where else to post for help.
    I use the Admired theme.
    There is no inforamtion regarding my question on the theme’s support page so please don’t direct me there.
    I want to change the template to name, email, website, and then what do you want to say.
    I am a newbie to code and learning as I go. I have read the otto page as well but I don’t want to change code until I know specifically what I need to change.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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  • I can’t understand. You want area “Comment” to be called “What do you want to say”? If you are talking about this theme the comment fields are arranged exactly in the way you’ve written above – name, email, website, comment.

    I want the comment for to look like this


    box to leave comment

    then the buttom to post or leave comment whatever it is called

    As per my first post, I have checke the support for the theme and there is no information there. I have posted there as well with no results.

    The code I think I am trying to edit looks like this.

    Plugin Name: Add X-Autocomplete Fields to Comment Form. by: Samuel �Otto� Wood
    function admired_add_x_autocompletetype($fields) {
    $fields[‘author’] = str_replace(‘<input’, ‘<input x-autocompletetype=”name-full”‘, $fields[‘author’]);
    $fields[’email’] = str_replace(‘<input’, ‘<input x-autocompletetype=”email”‘, $fields[’email’]);
    return $fields;

    This is under the theme functions.php

    As of right now the comment form says leave reply with a box to type and then a post buttom.

    Make sure that you are not editing theme files directly – you should be using a child theme for any changes:

    Otherwise all of your changes will be lost when the theme is updated.

    I haven’t changed a thing. I don’t intend to change anything until I receive some assistance at understanding the code. As above, the theme functions file contains code that looks like it should create the comment form I want. However, it doesn’t. There is just a generic leave a comment with a box for text and a post buttom. I have already deactivated jetpack comments and that didn’t do a thing.

    I would appreciate it if someone could tell me how to resolve the situation completely. I am so frustrated.

    How can I tell if a theme such as Admired has a child theme?

    Ah, I see, you are using JetPack or some other plugin. If it’s so you can ask in plugins section about its behavior.
    I would recommend you to deactivate the plugin and use default comment form built in the theme. It has got exactly what you want



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    Has? It would only have a child theme if you created one yourself? Whether the theme is child-friendly is a question best directed to the theme’s developer.

    @esmi thanks for the child theme explaination. That is what I thought.

    @fingli I have disable jetpack plugin and I am not using any other plug in.

    The code I posted above is the code within the functions of the theme itself. However, it doesn’t look that what visually when displayed on my blog.


    I could be mistaken, but it looks to me like that code is designed to add autofill to the comment fields, not add additional fields:

    Comment Form Autocomplete Snippet

    I’ve just downloaded and installed Admired theme from
    The default comment form looks pretty standard. The picture bellow shows what comment form looks like in my testing server.

    I checked the code you posted above, it is not related to the elements of comment form. It only auto-fills your credanitals in comment form if you are loged-in user

    Check once again plugins you are using and even clear the browser cache.

    @eknight74 – I’m thinking that you are actually asking how to add additional fields to your comment form? If so, that’s not built into your (or most) themes – you’d need to add them. For sure, you need a child theme set up before doing that. This may be relevant:

    Thank you for the links. The first one was helpful in understanding what I need to do. The code however is still a little confusing. Is there a source somewhere for the type of comment form I want. I don’t feel confident in editing code.

    Leave a comment (title)

    Text box

    Submit button

    I would also like to include teh notify me of followup posts via email

    Thanks in advance.

    Thanks to all

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