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  • In the Customize section, we only have one choice of link color for email addresses and phone numbers. So I selected black for the phone and email links on the content pages. This color stays the same on mobile devices.

    However, I need the phone number links in the header and footer to be white when the site is viewed on mobile devices. iOS turns the font black and it looks horrible with the design.

    The website is still in the staging environment and is not live. I can only give a description unless a secure way to login is provided.

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  • Hello,

    It is difficult to give the correct solution without seeing the site. Can you share a screenshot where you want to change the color?

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    Sure, here’s how it looks on my phone. The phone numbers changed to black from white on the desktop view. I need them to be white on the mobile too. Thanks!

    It is not possible to provide the correct solution without seeing the site. I need to inspect the code to find the Elements that control these texts. Try to use Browser inspect tool to fix this issue.

    Is there a way I can provide access to the site so you can see the code?

    Unfortunately, our support is limited here and sharing other information such as email etc is not allowed here due to forum guidelines. I hope you understand it.

    The issue isn’t the browser size, its the fact that I only have one choice for link colors in the Customize section.

    If I pick black, then the phone numbers and links in the header and footer turn black. If I pick white, then you can’t see the phone numbers on the content pages. I need a code to make the text visible on the page since I selected white for my link color.

    Is this that complicated?

    Go to Customize > Footer widget and select a link color. Similarly for the Customize > Footer bottom.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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