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  • (I’ve searched for the answer to this question but haven’t found it.)

    I’m taking a week off and want to ask one of my users to moderate and edit comments and create new posts while I’m away. Even when I raise her user level to 9, however, the “edit” buttons don’t appear in the panels for posts and comments. This seems like something an administrator should be able to do. Help, please.


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  • You can raise a second user to level 10 by directly editing the database with a tool like phpMyAdmin.

    I guess that’s what I’ll do, then. It seems strange that this intricate system of user levels doesn’t allow *two* people to do something as simple as editing comments. I can’t be the first person who has ever needed to do this. Oh, well…

    Well, I believe it’s like 4 and up can edit comments, but no one should be able to edit your comments.

    Yeah, I have to agree with Viper on that one. Users can’t edit comments of higher level users, because they shouldn’t be able to.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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