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  • hi

    first i would like to thank you for this great plugin.
    i have 2 questions:

    1. i need to add to the list, also websites. for this i need to be able to choose the entiire contury, and not a specipic adress, however i am not able to save becuse i didnt add a street and city. is the any way to overide this?

    2. is the any way to add a button with a link to the store website?


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  • Plugin Author Tijmen Smit


    Sorry for the late response.

    Are you comfortable with code? Question number two can be done with help from this filter. It allows you to change the template structure used to show the search results.

    If you copy the code usage section, place it in the functions.php inside your active theme folder, and replace this.

    $listing_template .= "\t\t\t" . '<% if ( my_textinput ) { %>' . "\r\n";
    $listing_template .= "\t\t\t" . '<p><%= my_textinput %></p>' . "\r\n";
    $listing_template .= "\t\t\t" . '<% } %>' . "\r\n";

    with this, then it should show you the url. You can assign a CSS class to the link so you can style it with CSS.

    $listing_template .= "\t\t\t" . '<% if ( url ) { %>' . "\r\n";
    $listing_template .= "\t\t\t" . '<a href="<%= url %>"><%= url %></a>' . "\r\n";
    $listing_template .= "\t\t\t" . '<% } %>' . "\r\n";

    Not entirely sure what you mean with the first question.

    You want to add locations without an address and just provide the URL?

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    • This reply was modified 2 years, 9 months ago by  Tijmen Smit.


    thanks so much for your help.

    i am having a real big problem. i have created my site on subdomain server, now that i have finish to create it i moved it to its new domain.

    before everything worked and the map showd with no problem.

    now on the new domain, the site just stoped to show the map and is giving a error.

    i created new api browser and server key, but nothing helped. any idea waht can i do?

    here is the link to the site

    ok, now the site is showing the map, however, in the settings i am still not able to set the start point

    also for some reason the map zoop is very far and dosnt show the road.

    also even that in the front end i can see the map, in the setting it still shows that something went worng…

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