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  • I’m working on a theme to distribute (for free) – Normally when I develop WP sites I AVOID making it easy to change things for the end user – as it saves me a lot of time correcting their mistakes. This is a pretty long post, and I apologize for that. I just want to make sure I’m contributing quality to WordPress with future theme releases as I’ve been reaping the rewards of WordPress since it smacked Movable Type into the stone age.

    There are a couple issues I’m having. You can view the site at:


    • I’m building a custom theme configuration page – the goal now is to get all of the functions out there and then redevelop the theme and optimize the CSS.
    • The theme will be responsive, and HTML5 when rewritten before release.
    • Menus will be collapsed until hovered or clicked
    • The theme is a tumblelog, which will focus on aggregating someones social activity. The theme is meant to be easy for newcomers to setup and get content on immediately, without having to stress about customizing their theme and getting everything working. The goal is that they upload 2 photos, select 3 colors, link their social networking, and the site has its initial content and is useable right away before the user makes a bunch of posts. The theme also focuses on the current, and not the past. Pages, categories, etc are not given much focus. Think

    I want the main menu to be in the sidebar, and would like to use the same selectors for widget menus, categories, and other menus.

    • Is there a way to set the before_widget, after_widget on a widget by widget bases, so I can remove the class “widget” from widget menus – preventing their definitions from damaging my UL UL selectors? I haven’t tested common widgets yet, so I’m unsure if I can remove “widget ul ul” without harming compatibility to other widgets/plugins

    Also, I want to create social streams and bundle that functionality with the theme. What would be the best implementation:

    • A.) If a user wants to enable a social stream, should I let them select the page they want linked and ask that they place a shortcode in that page.
    • B.) Should the theme automatically create the page for them and include the shortcode, which they can later change the page name of?

    Either way, does anyone have an example of a theme doing the above?

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  • Well, for now I’m just going to use !important to get the definition “widget ul ul” out of the picture. I hate doing that, but at least I can move forward for now.

    I still need a way to target only menus, and without having to go crazy and pull one of these: .sidemenu ul ul li, .widget_nav_menu ul ul li, .widget_categories ul ul li

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