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  • The Changelog for 1.1 says:
    CHANGE: Removed the Bind User. It is not needed any more.

    Our Domain Controllers (Windows Server 2003) require the Bind user and Password before they can be browsed. Can these be restored?

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  • Indeed, AD Integration has stopped working in our environment since that change.

    Edit the …plugins\active-directory-integration\ad_ldap\adLDAP.php file and locate the lines that contain the following:
    protected $_ad_username=”;
    protected $_ad_password=”;

    Add your bind account and password.
    I agree that there should be an option to add this as I could not get things to work till I found these lines and added our bind account and password.

    I’ve opened a ticket at on this issue. Hopefully an optional bind user setup will be added back for the next version.

    Does the bind user need to be added as the full DN? I have added this as described and am having no luck with the LDAP test.

    I entered mine as domain/user and then password. That is working for me.

    Thanks, changing that in the file removed the bind error, not I get:
    [ERROR] Authentication failed
    [WARN] storing failed login for user “user”

    Small steps I guess.

    Seems like authentication against AD is working but the account your testing with cannot login. Check your bind account and the account your testing are active accounts within AD and their passwords are correct. I suspect the issue is the account your testings with not the bind account…

    You were correct. the bind was working after teh change to username format. The issue was with the domain for AD. Thanks for the help. It working now.

    @kwgagel I have encountered the same problem as you and added the fix. However I then get a new error saying “Strong(er) Authentication Needed”. Do you know why?

    I suspect your AD requires higher encryption level than what that plugin uses. I’ve actually abandoned this particular plugin.

    I’m now using this one successfully:

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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