• Howdy!

    You’re reading this because you probably need a bit of help with Recapture. We’re happy to give you some assistance. Here are some suggestions to get started:

    1) We have some pretty good documentation here. And FAQs (which we update regularly!) that might already have an answer for you

    2) If that doesn’t help, when you login to your Recapture account, there is a Live Chat window on the lower right. We are generally around from 8-5p, Mountain Time, Monday through Friday for sure. Sometimes other times, but we can’t promise that (we have lives too!)

    3) Failing those, we do respond to emails very promptly. Please feel free to contact us via email as well.

    You can respond on the forum here as well, but we don’t check this place as frequently as the others. You’ll get the fastest help following the list above!

    Thanks for reading!
    Founder, Recapture.io

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