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    I am looking for a Theme or plugin that will allow me to setup Selectable Categories and options.

    As an example for something already on the internet think of the automotive car sites.

    I need to select say a specific type of Car (4DR, 2DR, Sedan, ect ect) Then be able to drill down from there by color, miles, options and different conditions. Then I will need to even expand on that just like these sites and categorize the results based on parameters the user has selected (by State, Zip code ect).

    Basically a site that operates like Kelly Blue Book, Autotrader, NADA and the likes so hopefully OK to list them here as Examples of the features. Just I will not be doing automobiles but products.

    I find ecommerce templates where I can add categories, but not so much selectable and generally not as deep as I need.

    Is this something WordPress can do? Or is this more of a straight customization? I am currently running wordpress for simple sites which is why I wanted to continue using it if at all possible.

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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