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  • I’m about half way through setting a site up with catablog and have some questions. Here is a synopsis of how the site should work.
    1. Independent index page with editable content areas for client – Need help
    2. Catagories (from catablog) display in the sidebar – good to go
    3. Clicking on a category should bring up a page with all products within that categories taxonomy (and descriptions displayed) – Need help, can get page, but it’s not linking to its category
    4. on a category page, when clicking on an individual product, it should open a page that has more indepth detail about that product and a sign up form to integrate with infusionsoft.

    The major issue Im having trouble with, and not sure if catablog is right way to go, is getting the category links to open a page with all products of that category displayed. Would you recommend a custom Page template for each product specific page and form? I could definitely use any help here. I can get by in PHP and am not against custom coding, plug in might be limited?

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