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  • Hi there, I really suck at writing code.. but I do want some custom functionality on my word press 2.0.x. So, if anyone has experience programming, please contact me asap and then we can work something out…. more details will come to those who reply with interest…. thanks to everyone in advance, really. 😀

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  • I am interested. 🙂 You can email me using the contact form on my website (in my profile).

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    isotope213 – please leave an email address.

    In future you should provide contact information on requests of this sort. Example:

    Email me: me @ domain .com

    You may also be interested in asking on the WP-Pro list:

    Sorry about that, please contact me at brooklyn_gangsta213 (at) yahoo(dot) com. Thanks for your interest everyone! If your interested, please CONTACT ME!!!! 😀

    Don’t forget to let us know what the plugin is and how it comes along in this thread! Share the wealth…

    This is what we need: If you are capable of doing any of these please let me know at! Thanks again everyone….Also, if anyone does know how to integrate phpBB forum database user accounts with WP so users can login with phpBBforum account in WP, PLEASE let me know 😀 Thanks!

    – Make our previous phpBB forum database of users compatible with WordPress so users can still login to WP with phpBB account.
    – Unique user profile (fully customizable)
    – Customizable Blog and Picture gallery for users
    – Advanced forum system (is it possible to integrate phpBB or a vbulletin in the existing website layout?)
    – Instant messenger (customized buddy list).
    – Customizable RSS feeds
    – Customizable website colors for user with ability to move widgets.
    – Notes system to take quick notes
    – Calendar, Contacts, Notes, Mail (with sync)
    – Gaming (simple board game with multiplayer support between users)

    I’ve not used phpBB, but I’m assuming it uses standard md5 password hashing. If that is the case, you need to merge together your two user tables. Look in your mysql database (FlashMyAdmin) . wp_users is how WP users login. Find the phpBB users table and see how similar they are. Assuming they have more or less the same information, you need to adjust your login scripts so instead of looking in phpBB_users, it looks in wp_users, or vice versa. If there are mutually exclusive fields you need to use, you should be able to add them pretty easily. Click the wp_users table, and hit Insert New Field. Fill in the necessary data, and you should be good.

    Hopefully you don’t have too much traffic already. It’s a bit more work to migrate all the old data over (Hint: click Data Maintenance in FlashMySql and play with the Import/Export SQL queries).

    Good luck!

    Thanks for your help, but I’m really no good with programming 🙁 Also, I don’t know user passwords otherwise I would just do it like that. Hmm the phpBB and wordpress tables are basically completely different with various criteria, so if I import it wont work.. I did however find some file on some other website that says to call the login or something anyone have any idea?


    I am looking for a coder who can customize WP as per my requirement. Pls post a message here with contact details.



    @nims – start a new thread and include your email address in it.

    From the forum rules (sticky at the top of the support page):

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