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  • I will try to describe this request as clearly as possible. I’ve been here searching plugins for awhile as well as google for an answer and I haven’t found exactly what I am looking for. Here is the description of what I am looking for.

    I need to be able to showcase images by having several thumbnail images in a slide. Each thumbnail in the slider (is a representation of other images related to it). The thumbnails need to be linked to two or more images specifically related to it’s particular thumbnail images and these other images will need to open up in a lightbox slideshow which can start automatically.

    To be more specific, for instance let’s say I have cover images of 8 different catalogs (8 thumbnails). Each of these covers has two or three other images showing more of the catalog. When I click on the catalog cover, a lightbox slideshow will open showing the inside of a few pages and it will slide through the images or the images will fade in and out. I can then close it, and click on the next thumbnail cover and the same thing happens.

    Is there a plugin that can handle this? Believe me any help will be greatly appreciated.


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