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  1. scott74
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I can"t add any new pages or get any changes to take affect in old pages .. Every time I hit save page or update page, it jumps to the existing post page and the changes to not take affect on the changes that I tried to make..

    ALso, I can't add any media.. I always get an http error in red letters after it crunches the file..

    I have 2 domains with hosting wp on godaddy.. The first one I was always able to upload pics but never any video..

    The second domain took a video early yesterday..

    Now neither will take any uploads without the error... I have searched for hours.. Making changes to the htaccess file but nothing worked..

    Can someone tell me how to fix these problems so I can keep building my sites... Thanks Scott

  2. webjunk
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Follow standard procedure you will see on most posts here. First try diabling the plugins. CHeck file permissions.

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