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  • Hello all,
    I need some plugin testers for the new version of wysi-wordpress. It uses the latest TinyMCE wysiwyg engine and includes a built-in image uploader/browser. IMHO, this engine is much better than htmlarea(which was used for the previous Wysi-Wordpress version).

    It takes about 1 minute to install, 4 minutes if you want to use the image uploader. I’ve fully tested it with the 1.5 nightly, but I need some 1.2 testers. It should work fine though. Let me know what ya think! 🙂

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  • Sorry, inop on my 1.2. Still shows the quicktags edit window. I changed quicktags.js, as I reported in my last post, and I’ve also replaced the stock “more” and “next” buttons with “cite” and “abbr” buttons. Would anything I’ve described have done it?

    Thanks Bob. I think I used a “1.5-only” hook for the action in my plugin :-(. So, for now, it’s only working with 1.5. Thanks for testing.

    Testing your plugin on wp 1.5 it’s working great so far. Much better indeed!

    Couple of issues:
    – it only shows up when editing an existing post (or draft) but not when starting a new post
    – how does it decide what level users are required for upload? I had to set level 8 before a user could upload images, but our wp install is set to allow level 3 users.

    Testing on Firefox on OS X and win2k, and ie 6 on win2k.
    Safari on OS X does not seem to work.

    The editor only shows up on the advanced editing screen. To get it to show up on a new post, change your setting in Options->Writing to “Advanced Controls”. Then it will load with new posts. Alternatively, you can just click “Advanced Editing” when writing a post.

    The default user level required to upload is 7. However, you can change this by opening Wysi-Wordpress/plugins/ibrowser/ibrowser.php

    Near the top, you’ll see this line:
    if ($user_level <= 6)
    Change the number to whatever you like. For example to let users with level 3 upload, you would set the number to 2, meaning that the user level must be ABOVE 2 to upload.

    I’ve updated the page with TWO versions of the plugin. One for WordPress 1.2 and one for 1.5+.

    Just be sure to pick the right one for your WordPress version 😉

    I have 1.2.2 and right now i test your plug in

    Cool, that solves the two issues I had.
    Great plugin! Thanks for your work and quick reply.

    Does this plugin also offer an easy way of uploading images with links to the original image (perhaps in a popupwindow)? I guess not :(.

    moxie–There is a built-in image uploader and browser. You can upload images and put them directly into your post.

    i get a weird problem… apparently, your plugin conflicts with WordPress.

    The problem seems to come from the carriage returns your plugin produces in the html code (i’m using firefox 1.0 on a WinXP platform). the browser rightly processes them as white spaces, so everything looks fine in the editor. but wordpress then wrongly converts them into line breaks!

    The plugin will create a new paragraph when you hit Enter.(p)

    If you just want a single linebreak, hold down shift while hitting Enter. That will produce a single linebreak.(br /)

    Excellent to hear it, Joe! The double BR tag rather than the proper P tags; if this has both, then it sounds excellent!

    Another question: does the TinyMCE engine allow resize/rotate/crop of images? Any ideas on how else to implement it if not?
    htmlarea has these functions but the interface to browse pics was really bad.


    There’s currently no way to do image editing in TinyMCE :-(. The project is constantly being updated, so hopefully they will add it eventually.

    I know what you mean about the htmlarea pic browser. When I was using it, half the time the pics would load in a blank window without the controls, and in IE the window would sometimes not load at all. With alot of images in the directory, it would take a looooong time even when it did work. The htmlarea browser apparently performs a “thumbnail check” on every file in the directory when it loads.

    The TinyMCE image browser has fewer features, but it seems pretty stable.

    Ok, thanks. I agree, I also much prefer the stability of TinyMCE, I can always resize & rotate before uploading. Hopefully they’ll add it some time soon.

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