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  • So in the next version of The Apple Blog I’m wanting to added a new “Reviews Directory” to help organize all the product reviews we do.

    TAB is powered by WordPress so ideally I’d be able to specify some sort of “product review” option and category when I publish the review and it’d be categorized where I want it to be (both on the blog and in the Review Directory).

    Then on the front end where everyone navigates the reviews area, it’d have a setup with general categories similar to something like this (not just like it…but you get the idea).

    So…any suggestions on some ways to hack that up? Are there any existing WP plugins that could assist?

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  • Well, there’s many ratings plugins if you don’t want something custom.

    There’s tagging plugins, there’s the built-in category support, for filtering things. Reviews category with a ton of subcats would do the trick.

    There’s custom fields, where you could enter particular details about a product. A query on posts+matching-field would give you a decent result. Or just use them to supplement category.

    I have a custom plugin I built to have an ‘article type’ (i.e., news, review, …) which is orthogonal to categories, so you can see posts by category still, or you can see sorted reviews or news. I don’t know that I’ve released it publicly.

    Oh, and you should use WP-Cache to speed up your pageloads… 😉 😉


Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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