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  • Hi all!

    I have a couple of WordPress sites that I’d like to validate and generally make browser consistent.

    Phauxshow is around 2 months old.

    Anonymous Pond is about a week old.

    I’ve tested them on every major browser except IE 6 (which is next on my list). I’ve fixed all of the problems I could detect but because I’m working on them in my spare time and had no previous development or design knowledge – it’s very slow going!

    My question is this…

    I just ran them through the W3C validator and got a bunch of errors. When the report lists something like this…

    ‘Line 32, Column > 80: XML Parsing Error: xmlParseEntityRef: no name .’

    … where do I find that in my code?

    Also, the report lists things that I would have no idea how to fix – like code within plugins, as well as code for a charity ad that I copied from Free Rice.

    Also, it lists the title that I gave to my side bar widgets…

    ‘…gead3″ class=”widget adsensem_widget”><h2 class=”widgettitle”>Caveat Emptor!<‘

    Sorry, that’s a lot of information. I would appreciate any guidance on validation or any browser issues or problems in general you might notice. I’m aware that some people think that validation is unimportant. I’ve decided to aim for it all the same and I’m hoping to avoid this post turning into a debate on the issue!!!

    Thanks everyone!


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  • Click the Show Source option in the validator to show where the errors are in your code. Here are your validation results with the show source option:

    For validation, replace & in your code with &amp;

    Thanks for the swift response, iridiax!

    My problem isn’t so much that I can’t see the source on the W3C website, but that I don’t know what file each bit of code is in on my server.

    Also, as I mention above, it seems to want me to change odd things like sidebar widget titles as well as ad and plugin code.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    A lot of the “errors” that the validator shows are informational in nature. That is, they describe errors caused by previous errors.

    Fix each error starting from the first one. As you fix a problem, and revalidate, you’ll see more than one error disappear from the list.

    And yes, you may have to change ad and plugin code. Nobody ever said that other people’s code was correct, eh?

    In your case, the main problem seems to be that you don’t have a lot of entities properly escaped. Ampersands should be &amp;, greater than and less than symbols when in javascript code should be &gt; and &lt; , and so on.

    Thanks very much Otto!

    I’m going to go over the code again in a day or so. I’ll post again if I run into any other problems!


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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