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  • On the homepage, there is a loop that displays featured posts along with an image. By default, the theme displays a “no-image” placeholder.

    My question is, how can I swap out these images (without simply over-writing the no-image.gif)?

    Is there a custom field value I can enter in the post? Here is a line of code (132) from the theme that I think may hold the answer:

    url(<?php if($image_src != '') { echo $image_src; } else { ?><?php bloginfo('template_directory'); ?>/images/no-image.gif<?php } ?>)

    I’m not very familiar with php, so I’m having a hard time deciphering that. I’ve tried custom fields using ‘image_scr’ as the Name, and ‘file.jpg’ as the Value, but got nothing.

    I’ve looked over the author’s page and cannot find any documentation about swapping the images. Also a search on and google hasn’t turned up any good discussions about Hamasaki for me, so I figured I would start one here.

    Here is the author’s (NURUDIN JAUHARI) homepage:

    (Looking at that link above, the images I’m referring to are near the bottom of the theme and say, “Handwritten Typographers”.)

    I’ve asked him some questions but am still waiting to hear back. I assume he’s on Indonesian time.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • hi
    i also need some help related to showing perfect thumb nails in the hamasaki theme. by default, it shows a cropped corner of the original image as the thumbnail, instead of showing a sized down original image.

    this is the code used to pick the thumbnail
    <div class=”tumbr” style=”border: 0px solid #333; width: 140px;height: 110px;background: url(<?php if($image_src != ”) { echo $image_src; } else { ?><?php bloginfo(‘template_directory’); ?>/images/no-image.gif<?php } ?>) 0 0 no-repeat;”> </div>

    this code crop the original image loaded to the size of width: 140px; height: 110px. it is perfectly alright, if the original image is of this size. if it’slarger, it’s being cropped to this size.

    i asked this question at the theme page itself. but the author of the theme also seems to have no idea about it.

    please help. thanks in advance.


    I just posted this somewhere else, but then found your thread, so will post again, in case anyone here can help. Hamasaki is a great theme, but I too am having some problems ‘tweaking’ it, and as above, no reply from the author. 🙁

    I can’t find out how to put ads in the 4 ‘Ad Places’ (top right hand corner, 125 x 125 pix). The widgets page doesn’t have a widget for it… so how do I put ads in there?

    I would like to put more text in the main txt box ‘featured’. I read the website and he said to change the code from 220… so I put in 500 but it made no difference. And the photo is a little of allignment too…

    Also, would like to make a link from the ‘header picture’, (directly below the 4 ‘Ad Places’). How could I do that? There is a page that allows you to customize the picture, but I kind of like it the way it is, it fits in with my genre. he he. So, all I’m looking to do is to add a link to it.

    And, lastly, on the post pages, it has some ‘Post Meta data’ that I would like to remove… the date, author, category and tags. how can I get rid of those?

    Thanks all for reading this far, and I hope someone can help. The link to my site is: http://www.thailadiesonline.

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