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  • rick4him


    I have been using vimeo for all of our embedded videos, and based on the amount of traffic youtube receives, I’d like to start using youtube for our videos.

    We do a daily video every day about our son who has born with down syndrome, and there are a lot of parents looking for these types of videos. We hope to help them.

    I’d like to create the same “look” that I have with Vimeo, and have them embedded in the cleanest way possible.

    I use a plug in now, and all i do is click a button on my post, insert the vimeo link (it will take youtube links also) and it’s displayed perfectly on our blog, and in peoples rss readers. I tried to use youtube on a recent post, and the player looked nice and clean. However, I don’t want it to display the related videos at the end, and I don’t want the title of the video to appear in player on my site. Is there a way to make these changes? I basically just want the play button, the display in hd button, and the video. Then when the video is over, I’d just like it to end. Nothing else. The video would stand on it’s on so to speak.

    When it’s being played on youtube the related videos, etc is fine. Just when it’s on my site, I’d like it not to do that.

    What is the best (and hopefully easiest) way to do this?

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