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  • Hylian111


    Hello everyone. I have a new WordPress theme and have a number of questions that I’m
    hoping some you here may be able to assist with. This is the website the questions are pertaining to, the theme is Easel, and here they are the questions:

    1. I installed the Features Content Gallery and I’m trying to have it featured at the top of the page as a slideshow. The code has to be placed somewhere in the template but I’ve no idea where. Anyone know?

    2. There’s a gradient that was used for the top navigation bar initially. This one:
    How do we apply it to the navigation bar as a whole, so that it can look like the one found in this image:

    3. I already have a page titled “Chat” set up on WMB’s WordPress site. However, I don’t know how to implement the actual chat widget onto the page — to make it look like this:

    4. Is there any way to recreate the current WMB’s gallery ( through WordPress?

    5. The overlapping background: how do we remove it? Basically the foreground that covers the background…

    Thank you all in advance. Hope you can help 🙂

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  • Mohamad Hanafi


    1. To add in every single page

    add in page.php

    <?php if(function_exists(‘wp_content_slider’)) { wp_content_slider(); } ?>

    before <div id=”content” ……>



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