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  • Hi, All.

    Can anyone figure out why on the site I’m working on:
    in IE7 (but not Firefox) it has a big blank white space on the right, causing the layout to have a horizontal scroll bar?

    I’ve searched the code, but have come up with nothing. It’s the free theme called “Gear”. It has an option to choose “Standard” or “Wide” themes, I have it set on wide, but it has the white space even in standard view.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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  • Anyone?


    Bump again. Any clever coders out there that can help me figure out this mystery?

    Have you checked the Gears demo with IE 7, and does it also have this issue? [I don’t have IE 7]

    No, the demo is fine in IE. I went through all the source code, and it matches up to mine, too.

    A few ideas:

    I didn’t find any major code errors, but you do have a few of them. Browsers can react differently to code errors, so try fixing them (start at the top of the error list) and see if that helps anything.

    Empty your IE cache and relaunch the browser. Display problems are occasionally caused by bad browser cache.

    Plugins can sometimes cause display problems. Try temporarily disabling them and see if the problem goes away.

    If your css (in style.css) has been modified (I think it has), then the problem may be there. Save a backup copy of your theme’s customized style.css and then temporarily replace it with the theme’s original one. If the problem goes away, then it is an issue with your css.

    You aint gonna believe what caused this. I just found it, by switching out all the php files of the theme with the originals one at a time…

    See the words “…resistance is futile…” at the bottom?

    If it’s ITALICIZED, either by putting <em>blahblah</em>, or through css with the “font-style:italic” property, IE makes that huge space on the right!


    Weird. I like the theme though.

    Yah, Sean picked that theme, and I said “Yah, that looks fine”, then after looking at the code once I installed it, I saw it was over-loaded with options that he didn’t need, since I changed all the images anyway.

    I just wanted him to find a simple “header, navigation, sidebar, content, footer” theme, and he gets this mess, lol.

    I can’t imagine what in the theme is causing that in IE.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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