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Need some help w/ colors & header

  • Hi,

    New to WP & despite days of reading & trial & error, I still need help. I have exp. working w/ CSS & customizing templates, just not w/ WP. I found a theme close to what I need but need to change colors & install my header. That’s most of what I need help with. I followed simple directions from the designers site about changing a color yet despite my changes to the hex, the colors remain the same. I also cannot seem to get my header to load or appear despite much reading.

    Anyone here want to try walking me through some of this. The template that I have downloaded in Magatheme Cool Minimal by Bryan Helmig. I need to get this template close to my current site/template.

    I would very much appreciate assistance. Thanks.


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  • esmi


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    Before you do anything else, I really think that you need to validate your site!


    I am not sure why you want me to “validate my site”. My current site has nothing to do with the WP format that I am trying to create. Also, although I am sure you mean well, the site to which you left a link, is a known spam, virus and phishing site.






    the link esmi provided is to the W3C’s validation area.

    the W3C is not a well known spammer or phishing site. It’s the preeminent source for Web Standards.


    You are either misinformed, or have something going on with your local machine if you think or see otherwise.

    Definately not spam, phishing or any such related site, as any developer or designer will be able to tell you.

    Code validation is important because different browsers interpret code differently, some will intuitively fix things as needed to a degree, others just chuck a hissy fit… some errors will totally bodge the rendering of a page…

    Validation helps ensure any suggestions given can be applied correctly and the person giving advice knows the site is correctly rendering or reading the code, and that problems are not simply a side effect of poor or invalid code. In other words… help us help you… 😉






    the OP indicates though, and i looked, and hes spot on.. ther site in the sig is a blogger page 🙂

    its a moot point.


    you can clear up the confusion by avoiding the use of your site in all of your posts. signatures with links, etc.. break these forum rules anyway, and yours being there is confusing because we expect that to be what youre working on. 🙂

    That’ll teach me for not clicking the link before replying… 🙁

    I’ll be sat in the corner eating my cookie (pretending the last post doesn’t exist..), let me know if i can help with something… 🙂

    LOL, LOL…Well…finally the ice is broken! 🙂

    Thanks guys for trying. I was beginning to think that I wasn’t going to get any help over here in WP. FYI..The info I received on w3 was from Site Advisor by McAfee. It comes up ok but w/ quite a few potentially dangerous issues…for whatever it’s worth. I’ve never heard of it and my site was tested in almost 50 different browsers and its works fine in most, at least the important ones. Anyway…I am here to move on from Blogger to WP so I am ready to learn! 🙂

    I have 2 posts about the same thing going as I wasn’t sure if I was going to get a reply to the first post. I am looking for some help with Megatheme template or if I could find another that resembles my Blogger template, I’d love to see it. Mega is the closest I’ve found. Notice how it has a wide side bar & 2 narrower one underneath as well as 3 footers. That’s what I’m talking about. Ok, so after playing for a while I changed the background color, text colors & nav bar colors. The same changes didn’t initially take affect, why, I don’t know. Once I refreshed a couple of times, the changes took affect the way they were supposed too. I do not seem to be able to change the post bg color and the sidebar bg colors. Would like to learn how. Also, cannot for the life of me figure out how to get my header to view. I have been reading tutorials for days yet am stumped. I’m sure once I begin to catch on, I’ll need less hand holding.

    Anyone, anyone….Bueller, Bueller?

    Thanks, Alan
    http:// 🙂



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    I don’t know Megatheme, so couldn’t comment on how easy (or not) that theme would be to customise.

    a wide side bar & 2 narrower one underneath as well as 3 footers

    If you are comfortable with WP templating and CSS, that kind of theme shouldn’t be too difficult to replicate. Might be easiest to start with a 2-column theme, adjust the width of the sidebar, then split the sidebar into 2 horizontally and finally split one again vertically.

    The same changes didn’t initially take affect

    When reviewing changes – especially if the site you’re working on is on a remote server – it’s always worth doing a hard refresh (ctrl + F5) in the browser to ensure that you’re seeing an up-to-date copy of the page.

    I do not seem to be able to change the post bg color and the sidebar bg colors.

    If the site was available somewhere, we might be able to help. In the meantime, all I can suggest is that it’s probably a specificity issue within the CSS.


    TY… Since I posted here last night, I spent some time familiarizing myself w/ the Stylesheet and made many color & font changes to start. I was able to leave a comment for the designer as well as I screwed something up so now when going to a single post page, all of the sidebars end up below the comments! :O

    I do have the site available on as a test site. What would you need from me to assist me in editing? I would love to get my header image in there as I have been unable to do so. I don’t think changing the post background color to be different from the main bg color is something I can do in the stylesheet alone. I’m guessing that something may need to be reworked that is beyond my abilities w/o help.




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    I screwed something up so now when going to a single post page, all of the sidebars end up below the comments

    Sounds like you may have inadvertently removed a float from somewhere.

    What would you need from me to assist me in editing?

    I’d really need to see the site in action. If you do have it available somewhere that’s publically accessible but don’t want to post the url here, feel free to email it to me via esmi at quirm dot net.

    Alternatively, having uploaded about 6 free themes to WordPress.org, I’ve been developing a couple of potential premium themes. One of them has a horizontal tabbed page nav, left-floated content area with the right of the display split into a single wide box/sidebar with two narrower sidebars underneath. If that vaguely fits your bill, I can send you a screenshot. If you’d be prepared to beta-test it for me, I’d be happy to give you the theme.

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