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    So I have image mapper working, and having figured it out it functions well.
    My site is and you can see the image map on the home page.

    I have two lingering, related, issues that I don’t know how to solve, nd if you experts can help, that would be awesome.

    When I create image map areas, which is easy, I get urls generated that look like this.


    I can edit those pages, of course, and specify the popover, link, etc. The trouble is that from the standpoint of wordpress, those “pages” don’t actually exist as pages or posts. In other words, while I can look at it, change it, and it works fine, if I click “preview page” I get an error that the “page” does not exist.

    That didn’t bother me much, until Google started getting involved, and telling me that their spiders hit the page and got 404 errors for each of those “pages” that it was looking for, and thus stopped spidering.

    Now I would guess I can go to every image map area, and insert a no index tag on it, or somehow find a way to exclude those vapor “pages” from the google site map, but I’m wondering if there’s a better way, or if I may even have it all set up wrong.

    Any insight from you pro’s out there?



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