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  • I installed the beta tester plugin, and activated it for the full multisite that I am testing it on.

    Updated the Network.

    An updated version of WordPress is available.
    You are using a development version of WordPress. You can update to the latest nightly build automatically or download the nightly build and install it manually:

    Update – Download nightly build

    I click update, and it installs the…

    Message comes up:
    Welcome to WordPress 3.3.1

    I was thinking that I could just click update for a easy install of the nightly.
    But it seems I need to do a manual install…..but I am thinking of using this multisite not install a new wordpress beta site though.

    I am missing something…… don’t know what…… tips, pointers?
    I don’t even know which version I am able to download now….

    I feel really green and in this case I am really green. I am hoping to check out what is new in 3.4 up to this point in the developer build.

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  • esmi


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    This could be a plugin issue. It’s working fine for me on a single install

    I did a local install and it comes up fine. Says 3.4 alpha-20205 in the bottom right.

    For the online multi site install I was not able to install 3.4 at all. It kept saying 3.3.1.
    Even though plugins were deactivated. It might have to do with themes that are present but twenty 11 was the active theme for the specific site in the multie site.

    Ok I am in the single install of 3.4 alpha and looking for new features, and can not find any. I guess the purpose is now just to test it out and see if things work?

    I was hoping on showing some new future features for the WordPress Meetup tonight….



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    I guess the purpose is now just to test it out and see if things work?



    I will perhaps show something else at the Meetup tonight…..

    Thanks for your responses Esmi..:)

    Much appreciated!



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    If you have the time, this is pretty hot off the press:

    Clicked the Update Now button.
    But the version number is still 20205.

    So I will try again later on.



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    Yep – looks like 20205 is the latest available.

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