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  • hi guys , some 6 months ago i discovered wordpress,is fantastic & i started doing all my websites using it , but now im in a bit of a problem & i need some help
    so here it is :

    im running multiple websites with pretty much the same content

    ex : / .com / . info etc ….

    there are more than 20

    so is frustrating to update the content in each of them using multiple databases & cloning the original & modifying it to change the domain name

    im interested to use a network feature where i can login as a super admin & :

    add post on multiple sites at once , or just on specific grups of websites
    configure different themes & plugins for different sites

    while website visitors see a different domain name for every website
    for the moment websites are grouped in clones , but for the future in want to add some different content to each of them , while i keep some of the content common to all of them

    also very important i dont want google to index this a one big site because then i will have problems showing up in search results

    FIRST OF ALL I WANT TO KNOW IS THIS IS POSSIBLE USING WORDPRESS , or there is other option i ca use ?

    if is possible , where do i start & what can i do

    i have a medium knowledge of php, java, html, css

    i would appreciate if an advanced wp user can tell me if all this is possible so i dont waste my time trying to doit considering im not an expert or something like that …..
    if is possible & others have done it then i can give it a try

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Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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