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  1. wolfsteritory
    Posted 5 years ago #

    hi guys , some 6 months ago i discovered wordpress,is fantastic & i started doing all my websites using it , but now im in a bit of a problem & i need some help
    so here it is :

    im running multiple websites with pretty much the same content

    ex : http://ambulantadiacena.ro / .com / . info
    DiaMedShop.ro etc ....

    there are more than 20

    so is frustrating to update the content in each of them using multiple databases & cloning the original & modifying it to change the domain name

    im interested to use a network feature where i can login as a super admin & :

    add post on multiple sites at once , or just on specific grups of websites
    configure different themes & plugins for different sites

    while website visitors see a different domain name for every website
    for the moment websites are grouped in clones , but for the future in want to add some different content to each of them , while i keep some of the content common to all of them

    also very important i dont want google to index this a one big site because then i will have problems showing up in search results

    FIRST OF ALL I WANT TO KNOW IS THIS IS POSSIBLE USING WORDPRESS , or there is other option i ca use ?

    if is possible , where do i start & what can i do

    i have a medium knowledge of php, java, html, css

    i would appreciate if an advanced wp user can tell me if all this is possible so i dont waste my time trying to doit considering im not an expert or something like that .....
    if is possible & others have done it then i can give it a try

  2. wolfsteritory
    Posted 5 years ago #

    doesn't anybody know the answer to this one ?

  3. Gotta give more than an hour, please. We're all volunteers here and some of us do things like sleep, eat, spend time with family members... ;)

    that being said - if you looked around this section of the forum, you can see that yes, people are doing just that.

    domain mapping:

    posting to multiple blogs:

    You'll still have an admin area for each site, and something called network admin for global, big picture things like installing plugins and themes, once for everyone.


    You'll have to do some server setup as this is more intermediate level, so you should be just fine.

  4. wolfsteritory
    Posted 5 years ago #

    my hosting doesn't support Wildcard Subdomains , i went for a subfolder instalation

    i still need some help with :

    how do i point the new domain to the new created website

    ex: main site.com

    ive made mainsite.com/test
    but it doesnt make me a folder , do i point site2.com to mainsite.com/test & thatis it or do i point it to mainsite.com

    second problem, the database, ... im guessing is using just one .. importing tools doesnt work as it shoud, i dont see thums useing it

    as i said the first time i will have some clones , ive tried to use a cloning plugin, doesnt work that well

    lets say i figure it out with the cloning, how do i add the content of the database from mainsite2 to mainsite/mainsite2 ?

  5. how do i point the new domain to the new created website

    You use a plugin: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wordpress-mu-domain-mapping/

    Otto wrote up some nice directions: http://ottopress.com/2010/wordpress-3-0-multisite-domain-mapping-tutorial/

    It works just fine with subfolders, don't worry. Point the NEW domain to the same place you pointed your CURRENT domain.

  6. And you can;t use your cloning plugins to import exisiting single site installs.

    Use the internal export and import under the tools menu.

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