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  • I would like to share bar to be displayed under the title of my blog posts and at the end of my blog posts, can you help figure out how to do that? I am using the Genesis frame work. Right now I have the plug in activated, but if I have a youtube video at the top of my posts the share bar is being hidden behind the video. (I’m not sure why that is.)

    However, I ‘d like to display directly below the title of my post / page (but before the content starts) and also at the end of the post.

    Here is link to my site, thanks so much for the great plug in!

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  • Plugin Author Syed Balkhi


    Hey Rick,

    In our next release, we are adding the option to make the plugin static (i.e not float) and give users the option add it above/below their content.

    Now as for adding right below the title, that has to be done manually. By default we add the plugin above content because not all themes have the proper hooks to add items after post title.

    But Genesis do, so you can do it fairly easily.

    You would need to create a function and hook into genesis_after_post_title


    add_action('genesis_after_post_title', 'rick_float_sharebar');
    function rick_float_sharebar(){
    if ( function_exists( 'floating_social_bar' ) ) floating_social_bar( array( 'facebook' => true, 'twitter' => true ) );

    Paste it in your child theme’s functions.php file. To add other buttons or change the order read our FAQ section.

    Genesis hook reference can be seen here:

    Hook Reference

    If you want to hook this into another hook instead of the after post title one that I used in the code above.

    Now as for the Youtube video, this will happen with all video embeds and flash ads. You have to add wmode=transparent in your Youtube embed code. Now if you use WordPress oEmbed like most folks, then simply follow this tutorial:

    How to Prevent Youtube oEmbed from Overriding your WordPress Content

    Thanks for your help! I’m just using the normal built in WordPress way, where I add a youtube link to the post and publish. Can I still use this tutorial?

    Thanks so much for your help.

    Plugin Author Syed Balkhi


    Yes, you can use the tutorial.

    Thanks Syed. I put the code in, but for some reason the pop up that comes in (from Facebook for example) comes above the video, but it is going behind the google ad on the side bar. Any thoughts on that? Try it out for your self and you’ll see what I mean.

    Thanks for helping!


    I put in the code you suggested, and something strange is going on. It looks like it is going below the title, but also appearing behind my Youtube videos. I’m not sure what is happening, it’s strange. If you load up the link below you’ll see two bars appear for a short time…the one below the title does not have the google plus and pintrest sharer, but the one that goes behind the video does. Any thoughts?

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    Plugin Author Syed Balkhi


    Hey Rick,

    This is more of a template issue more than anything else. When you move the bar to display right below title, then you would probably need to modify the CSS, so it adjusts.

    Also the function code I shared above only adds Twitter and FB. If you want to add more buttons, then you have to specify it like I have done for others. It is displayed in the FAQ section.

    This is a free plugin, and I can only provide support with the core functionality. Your issue of moving the bars below title is more theme related and will require some dev knowledge. Due to the custom nature of the request, I can’t provide free support for it. You are more than welcome to hire me to customize this for your project.

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Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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