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  1. Ayla
    Posted 12 years ago #

    I resently installed WP..and am having a ton of problems..it's really sad actually. Anyway, I worked out -most- of the problems except a few.
    One -
    I used a php include thing to include the index.php for WP to my main blog page. I left the wp page blank (http://tainted-sky.net/wp) so now my comments page is also blank. How can I get my layout part to show up for it the comments page? If thats not possible, how do I get it to use a pop up..? (like do I change some setting to make it be a pop up instead of the normal way..?) My website is http://tainted-sky.net
    two -
    I know with GM there was a section where you can set a paragraph break to automatically use p align=justify..I was wondering if wp has this option as well..or one similar??
    Hm..I think thats it..for now..I'm sure I'll mess something else up. Thanks

  2. Mark (podz)
    Support Maven
    Posted 12 years ago #

    From admin, go to Template, the find these lines:
    <link rel="pingback" href="<?php bloginfo('pingback_url'); ?>" />
    <?php get_archives('monthly', '', 'link'); ?>
    <?php comments_popup_script(); ?>
    and make your match the bottom line there.

  3. Ayla
    Posted 12 years ago #

    I see, thanks :)

  4. Ayla
    Posted 12 years ago #

    Hmm so yeah..it didn't work..

  5. Ayla
    Posted 12 years ago #

    Nm..I got it to popup..

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