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  1. cleck673
    Posted 8 years ago #

    I am looking for some guidance on how I might be able to pull something off.

    On my blog that a few people contribute to, I have news posts, tips, and reviews. I have them in categories as such, but I want more.

    For instance, I have the category "Reviews".
    Under that, I have 5 subcats.. Reviews/subjecta, reviews/subjectb, etc

    What I want to do is have some way to have a page/post/static that I can dynamicly display these posts in a neat format.

    Maybe something like a main page that has linked titles sorted by the sub category of the review category.

    -------------- MAIN REVIEW PAGE ------------------
    Subcat A ------------ Subcat B ----------- Subcat C
    linked title 1--------linked title1--------linked title1
    linked title 2--------linked title2--------linked title2
    linked title 3--------linked title3--------linked title3

    Something like that. I have page created with somethign similar, but I have to go add the new reviews manually.

    Any ideas?

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