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  • Im using a new magazine style theme I found for WordPress and have began to customize it and have noticed that only on my firefox when looking at the main index page there is this weird line that runs the entire length horizontally across the top featured post.

    I dont see that line in IE or on other computers with firefox. Does anyone else see this line and if they do, know how I can fix it?


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    nope, I dont see it, did you fix it?

    no.. havent fixed it.. thanks for checking. its strange that I can only seee it on this one site here. I even uploaded a fresh wordpress with a new installation of the same theme on a different server and the line is not there. its only on this one specific site.. my computer only on firefox only.

    here is an image

    The arrows point to the line

    Its not my monitor because I dont see that line on any other website or any other page of my own site. only the homepage and only this installation.




    oh, nope I dont see that in my firefox. it looks like a bottom-border though so thats where I would start.

    go install the web developer extension for firefox, you can than see the classes for all the items .. I could rattle them off, but theres more than a few.

    I triedthat too.. have the web developer and firebug extensions but when trying to hover over that element to see what it is nothing shows up as if it doesnt exist.

    this is bothering the hell out of me even though it seems im the only one who can see it.

    thanks for checking




    you dont want to hover over that element — you want to hover over what is around it.

    If you have the webdev extension installed, then load the page, edit your CSS on the fly, and then just remove chunks of CSS until it is gone. that will narrow down where you need to look.

    narrow that down, etc..

    ctrl-shift-e brings up the on the fly CSS editor.

    i appreciate the help. Just going to give up for now and then test it when I get to work from a bunch of different machines to see if I can replicate it anywhere else except my own.

    what ive found is that if i remove

    <div style="clear:both;"></div>

    then the line goes away but that also messes up the rest of my layout.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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