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  • Okay, by closing an img tag I have reduced the validation errors down to 3. These I don’t understand. If I remove the ‘recent comments’ widget the page will validate, if I add them I get these 3 errors.

    As far as the post title, I like the white. It adds a bright spot to a fairly dark page.

    In fact, I’d prefer a little more color. Maybe a picture or something for the headder section? I don’t know. I like the theme. I just think it is so dark, that I had to look twice to see the outline block.

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    Thanks for the advice, does anyone know of sites that offer royalty free images that could be used in headers?

    I have also added a logo to the header, please let me know what you think of the colours, do they fit together?

    Hmm. Dark type on dark backgrounds.
    Everything for form, not one thought about function.

    Have you ever read a single book on good design practices?

    I’m certainly no expert – or even close – but I agree with dbjohns. One look at that page and my eyes hurt. Reminds me of 13 year olds writing “warez” websites. Not good at all for adults with aging eyes.

    The layout is nice, though.

    While far from young, I don’t find it too hard on the eyes at all. Now, normally I’m not a fan of light on dark sites, but I don’t find yours painful.

    Agreed with above, I like the layout and “flow” of it.

    Ouch! 🙂

    I haven’t read any books on design, I am no pro, neither do I work in the field actually. I’ll admit I put all the effort into design.

    My reasoning is that this is a personal blog, not aimed at sharing this particular theme, neither geared towards monetisation or anything like that.

    As far as the colours are concerned, I just realised they are actually very similar to Hemingway, which is one of the most popular themes.




    It’s a decent layout.

    The colors are tough – I like them but I happen to like greys. The trouble with greys is that they do pose text problems since white can seem to bright, and black just blends in, and everything in between, well it just doesnt work.

    If you want everyday people to read.. youre prolly going to want to rethink that scheme a bit. If it’s just a place for you and some choice friends.. you might not bother.




    Hemingway, which is one of the most popular themes.

    I dont think H is as popular as it is for the colors as it is for the style.. but thats neither here nor there. There are only so many shades of grey — I know Ive used them all 🙂

    Well I certainly appreciate the feedback, that’s why I posted here, so thank you to all.

    What exactly is ‘tough’ about the colour choices? As far as vision is concerned, I wear glasses myself and don’t have trouble reading anything on the site. I tested both my TFT and laptop monitor, I don’t see any degradation?

    Also, what is not functional about the layout?

    Is it really going against the grain that much?




    The trouble with greys is that they do pose text problems since white can seem to bright, and black just blends in, and everything in between, well it just doesnt work.

    Blogs are meant to be read. and read. and read.

    Dont misunderstand me. I like greys. I just agree that youve overused them.

    What do the gents think of latest reincarnation?




    ok, two things that might be refreshing since they have nothing to do with colors, oke at least not totally with color scheme. Im not going to comment on this scheme – your stuck on dark, and working with colors that make it very hard to offer sufficient contrast for reading ease — thats your gig, Im not going to argue 🙂

    1. your links.. theres no way of telling whats been clicked through and what hasnt. Thats important. Imagine being on a site you are not familiar with… clicking links, and not having any visual indication of whether or not youve already clicked a link.. it sucks.

    2. Your line heights on your text.. while they look “fine” in Firefox, youve done something odd because the checked bounding box that Firefox makes around active links overlaps..

    Its easier to show you this then explain it, so here is a pic:

    Note that you can turn OFF that box all together using CSS.

    These two effects, together, are very annoying.

    lastly, we are not all gents here.

    Sorry, ladies and gents of course, no offence intended.

    I guess I am stuck on dark, but this, in comparison to the earlier theme is quite a step towards success don’t you think? 🙂

    Thank you for the helpful advice, I agree, know where you clicked is helpful, will edit the css appropriately.

    Concerning the outline, how could I get rid of it?
    Edit: Ignore that, I even have the code in my header, duh 🙂

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