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  • i have a dilemma.

    The short of it is I have 15-20 features I want to list about my product to the potential customers, but I do not know a clean way of doing it.

    My old design instinct is to style a left hand menu and utilize javascript to show/hide each corresponding div to the right. That way I can have all the content without them leaving the page.

    this becomes a little concerning though, because while it is not a carbon copy, we will obviously have to have a features/support type section of each of the same features.

    The other idea was to possibly create a page called features, and sub pages for each feature, Perhaps give a unique header at the top to aid in navigation, but to me that is clunky. Adding 20 pages.

    The last idea was to have a post for the feature, then try to display via ajax, the content of a specific post on a page. Which may be hard to do.

    The above scnenarios of course have challenges with page optimization hand having a clean, spider friendly site. The hidden divs page should have all content crawled and indexed, but the overall word size would be poor. Perhaps that content would help with quality scores, who knows.

    The page/subpages would need to be given canonical tags if the content is being pulled onto the main sites page, so to avoid duplicate content penalties.

    Same as posts.

    How would you all go about doing this?

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